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Monday, February 7, 2011

Are you getting my point

I wasn't so sure if the animal years is one hell of-a luck, but they thesizes that rabbit is built'd fear and be devoured by the lack of defensive arms and to those unbeatable reproductive system in getting baby rabbits loosing its feet off to predetors. They wanted to look it in a positive way, trust me they really fail in doing it. You don't show a tiger's making friend with rabbit's, chinese.

Ok well Im half chinese, but I was really dissapointed that they always lose their grounds on sincere reality, thats why they're so brilliant in the first place (not all). Good thing is, that we are human so we could mimic those few values which is building in among us, not to say it negatively, but embracing positivity is the blah bla bla. (you get my point)

Studying behaviour is the funniest thing. Chinese, does not matter how ugly they look (really look), they think they are better than models. Makes them a sort of a winner attitude, and I really thought about it for a long-long time. They love to embrace positive things because we monkeys do love to fly, from trees to trees of course. Nevertheless, its the coolest thing to learn about.

So I'm giving a good person a vision that you never really thought, so I'm sexy yeah. Besides my trickery in giving you a suprise! All these values are learnable, you wanna get it from me, you get them yourself. Study those who you think is worth studying, dont study those who you think and feel they dont deserve your attention. We get many false attention, so make sure you get to it.

Besides any of those racist remarks i made, is rhetorically directed to myself. Thank you. Here is a good song.

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