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Monday, February 7, 2011

Are you getting my point

I wasn't so sure if the animal years is one hell of-a luck, but they thesizes that rabbit is built'd fear and be devoured by the lack of defensive arms and to those unbeatable reproductive system in getting baby rabbits loosing its feet off to predetors. They wanted to look it in a positive way, trust me they really fail in doing it. You don't show a tiger's making friend with rabbit's, chinese.

Ok well Im half chinese, but I was really dissapointed that they always lose their grounds on sincere reality, thats why they're so brilliant in the first place (not all). Good thing is, that we are human so we could mimic those few values which is building in among us, not to say it negatively, but embracing positivity is the blah bla bla. (you get my point)

Studying behaviour is the funniest thing. Chinese, does not matter how ugly they look (really look), they think they are better than models. Makes them a sort of a winner attitude, and I really thought about it for a long-long time. They love to embrace positive things because we monkeys do love to fly, from trees to trees of course. Nevertheless, its the coolest thing to learn about.

So I'm giving a good person a vision that you never really thought, so I'm sexy yeah. Besides my trickery in giving you a suprise! All these values are learnable, you wanna get it from me, you get them yourself. Study those who you think is worth studying, dont study those who you think and feel they dont deserve your attention. We get many false attention, so make sure you get to it.

Besides any of those racist remarks i made, is rhetorically directed to myself. Thank you. Here is a good song.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everybody is Somebody

Its entertaining if you read my thoughts. Everybody is somebody nowadays don ya think? I've seen guys dressing like koreans around the streets nowadays really gives the nice hella (means I wasn't so sure what happen)

I like the new concept of walking through like a catwalk thing, plus gagaism making runway like a runway streets. But its cool- and its fabolous. I really love the walking despite talking too much trash about discipline moreover nowadays I could love the entertainment business, and fuck politicians.

I told the other day when i pass out I wasn't so sure that things wasn't going so well about the exams but I came on the plane and I was getting the news that I passed em all, and it was cool- except the fact that we are nearly to depart and take off. I could go back in peace.

Nyway, peace out

Friday, September 3, 2010

Principia of Differentia'

Let me tell you the drive for life, the smallest thing that affects you to live the irony. If someone tell you what you should do, you wouldn't do it. Why? Because our instinct tell us not to sense too fast reaching a conclusion, Good- Means you're not an idiot after all. But this is what I told you should do, and its because it is the principle for a greater life, Listen and follow- And they will guide you to a revolutionary life.

Principia of Differentia'

1 - Life's a magnifying glass, thats why its magnificent.

2 - You should Like things that doesn't fit

3 - Change is a symptom of mental health

4 - Everybody Lies

5 - You should generalize people so you live differently

6 - Never have a favourite

7 - too much of something is not always a good thing

8 - Qualities of a greater man is worth more than a loser

9 - Be stubborn but listen

10 - Survival of the fittest, mind.

Most of them picked after deep rationalizing, they do so work as principle for many greatness. Remember greatness is bothways, you can do it but not necerssary be good for your soul. Its a risky life, but just as long as you don't miss one step that is all perfect to led you across. Good luck, Have a nice day.

In the Nature of Change

There is no doubt that the nature of change cause by any effecting cause could deter the outcome of any sorts that is altered, especially our body which is a powerhouse evolving economic piping system itself, I would refer the nature of the body towards its idea of the nature of change. In this summary and short notes of idea, I would list all the terminology which has been employed in medicine, in relevance to what could be the nature of change, and its possibility.

Our bodily cell are altered caused by any stimuli, anything which affecting it including environment, physical chemical etc. But to name few of its nature,

1-Hypertrophy (bodily enlarged)
2-atrophy (bodily shrinkage)
3-dysplasia (functional defect)
4-hyperplasia (numerically increase)
5-metaplasia (distance proliferation)

These are the common nature of change, the five things that could be done- Whichever you would treasure this knowledge and further research is up to you, to decide to put them to good use. I would not bother more.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 60

Econs: Lights off for a boost (Earth Hour)

There is a big relevance in proportion of a world event is such taking place would affect the global economy, they are just minute and harder to figure out, but they seem to be less impossible. Although the connection doesn't sound pounding towards the hearts of the people, they seems to be easily figure out. I remind that it wasn't always as simplified as it should be, when theres a roadmap towards it, though there is always obstacle that would barricade that doors to the destination.

What you should do: Switch off the lights.

Every home would at least consist 4-5 amount of lights distributing around the living room, dining room, kitchen, toilet etc. That would make out a very small amount of save when most of them are switch off. Lights are switch off but doesn't mean the people will turn off their air conditioner, Plasma television, etc. Although the total consumption would not show significant reduce in Kilowatts, but they save some money spending. Say 0.2cents. Time is money, so the more time that is consume in spending electrical power, the more that is needed to be paid. Every electrical-power supply in the country would rule that if the amount of power usage in an area increase, so does the price. Because the amount of coal, Nuclear physicist/engineers wages + overnight shift, raw material demand increase. The increase in raw material + wages demand would significantly increase the amount of price that would be charge for the general population in the increasing demand of electricity.
Any loss of money from a person would decrease the capital of his outcome. Any spending of a stagnant income would generally decrease the amount of asset a person would posses. Generally the population would suffer a decrease of self-capital.

A decrease in a person's capital would decrease the chances of spending of other things, either on starbucks coffee, getting an ice-cream for your children, so on. But the significant reduce is too small that we don't even bother. But if the reduce is on general population, a billion of that small change that is spend would be loss to buying raw material in other country, coal from Northen china, Nuclear raw material from Africa, etc. This ain't renewable energy.

Any spending of money out from the country would reduce/wastage of energy that the country has generated for the spending of work/labour. That would increase amount of food consumption, (say if the country is dependant on the food from neighbouring country), hence they this will aggravate the spending on food, plus other spending. Spending would increase capital of those country providing it, reducing your own. Earth hour is a diversion and reminder of the country economic status and habbit of the general population. The Creation of earth hour would significantly affect and nurture the population habbit to be aware of the global crisis.

The nurture of good habbit would include the save of our own sake. Good things happen for those whose doing the right thing. Even in the Longer term.

Turn off your lights, and you will join the awesomeness that we make togather^^

Friday, March 26, 2010

Econs: The Buddhist afterlife Currency

Respective audience, bare with me sincerely. I Couldn't help it in understanding my previous roots, althought it wasn't the same as today anymore, that the tradition that is held seems funnier than I thought to be. My grandmother is still practicing some degree of budhist ritual of respect which I have no idea of, but curious about it. Seems nothing that is less interesting will not not get my attention.

When I enter the shop, some buddhist shop, it was full of red candles and stuff where they use to burnt incense in due respect of the dead. All was full of products on particular stuff that you never thought would sound like. Paper Cars, Paper clothing, paper Gold and diamond ring, rolex, and all the stuff is paper made which is meant to be burn for the after life. And the funny thing is how you gonna drive a mercedez benz in there? whichever is suppose (heaven or hell, I dont know) But they even have paper money, currency to be burnt for them! Not sure whats the purpose although, i heard stories that they use it in hell to bribe the punishers. (.......)

I heard about this kind of stuff mostly from singapore's ghost story whereby they claim that they talked with their grandmother in a telephone (the paper made telephone) and few other bizzare claims from people around the globe. It makes me curious of such events to take place, nor how it may sound like, it fascinates me.

Nevertheless, they still bother me through my curiosity. But they are best left unanswered rather than told. I just had to keep guessing why, or probably someday i'll know why. Who knows, maybe sooner or later.